The booklet, The Key to Better Living, contains vitally important health information that is not readily available. It covers the “do’s,” the “don’ts,” and the “whys”, and is in a very short concise form. The booklet has a light blue cover, consists of 48 (8½” x 11”) pages, and is taken from the cookbook: Eat Your Way to Good Health.

The booklet retails for $4.95, plus $1.29 shipping (first class mail).
2 to 6 copies retail for $4.95 each, plus $1.84 shipping (book rate) for up to 6 copies.
6 or more, sell wholesale (40% off) for $2.97 each, plus $1.84 shipping for up to 7 copies.

Appropriate tax will be added if you live in California and don’t have a resale number.
After reading The Key to Better Living, you will better understand why there is more chronic disease in this nation than any other nation in the world. You can avoid becoming one of those statistics if you learn what is causing these diseases.

Not all the recipes in the cookbook follow the “Key” health rules 100%. For example, for the sake of convenience, occasionally canned food or turbinado sugar is used. This cookbook was designed to help people enjoy making the transition from a poor diet to a healthy one. Most of the recipes are very simple, easy to make, and do not require a person to totally “live out of a health food store.” They are just good, basic-food recipes that contain no junk-food. The book tells how to make everything “from scratch.”

Eat Your Way to Good Health contains over 800 delicious nutritious recipes. It is an 8½” x 11”, 300-page, comb-bound book. The cover is a beautiful laminated picture of all kinds of healthy food.

The cookbook retails for $29.95, plus $1.84 shipping (book rate). If 6 or more copies are purchased at one time, you can buy them wholesale (40% off) for $17.97 per book, plus the actual shipping. Each book weighs a little under 1¾ pounds.

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